We can’t thank you enough for your supports and loves. It’s our time to give back to you! Join our celebration and win all the prizes below:

1st Prize:
- 1 Pink Shell Round Rattan Bag + USD 50 Shopping Voucher for each 2 winners with best photo

2nd Prize:
- USD 50 Shopping Voucher for 1 lucky winner

How to join:
1. Follow us on instagram @lokatan.co
2. Post a photo of you wearing one of our bag to win our 1st prize or simply re-post our giveaway photo to win our 2nd prize
3. Tag us @lokatan.co and put #LokatanTurns1 on the caption
4. Do not private your account so we can notice you

This competition will close on the 31st May 2019 and we will announce the winners on the next day.