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Lokatan Rattan Bag Original

The craftsmanship of the rattan bag has been passed down through generations and is exceptionally inspiring. Indonesia itself has numerous kinds of rattan arts and crafts. One of them is in Bali.

In Bali, a rattan bag is made from a family of rattan plants called Ate/Ata. From generation to generation Balinese people used to make rope from Ate plant, nowadays they use Ate plant to weaves basket, bag and wares material. Our rattan bags are hand-woven one by one by an artisan in a small village in the eastern part of Bali.

Each bag is personal and unique. The process itself is very particular and time-consuming. The variation of the waves and techniques of the artisan's adding slight differences. Even during the drying and smoking process has a subtle color gradation. That's why it's unique and gives everyone a timeless one-of-a-kind product to treasure for.

We proudly present you the beauty of craftsmanship reflected in our rattan bags which bring you joy and amplifying the beauty of yourself.